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Clementine is a world-class high-fidelity 3D model manufacturer and design studio. Clementine works with many recognized global companies as an official vendor and helps designers and engineers create highly successful products and concept solutions. Keen prototype quality for product design is not an option; it is an indispensable part of a successful manufacturing process. Therefore, the people of Clementine have helped turn the inspirations of product design and engineering development into some of the most advanced prototype results. With an interdisciplinary team of craft masters, designers, CMF specialists and engineers, Clementine delivers integrated experiences that connect multiple technologies, platforms, and designs across a broad range of industries. The broad range of industries include, but is not limited to, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical and health care, appliances, automotive, TV and video, audio, entertainment devices, cameras, printers, office products, goggles, watch models and handheld mobile devices, among others. We have recently expanded global business service and opened new offices in Irvine, California and Seoul, Korea.

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