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CLEMT is a brand by CLEMENTINE, which is based in Orange County, California in US and Seoul in Korea. CLEMENTINE specializes in top quality prototyping for major global electronics, home appliances, and automobile companies. CLEMT's passionate team has adopted technology and precision craftsmanship from prototyping expertise to begin a product line of our own, delivering the world-class standard directly to consumers.


We love the look and feel of a handmade product. No advanced machine can quite replicate the work of skilled crafter's hands.  While keeping the volume low, we ensure that quality isn’t compromised in any way. We take quality in the paramount importance and quality is what makes up our brand.


The goal is to create a timeless design that matures in value with use and time. Our desire is that CLEMT product not only attains a visual attraction, but also adds an emotional satisfaction that continually draws users to CLEMT experience.




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